The Rave Archive — By far the largest collection of midwest rave mixtapes and zines on the web. Respect.

Goldenyearz Midwest Rave Portal — Loads of Midwest flyers, mixtapes and live recordings.

Plurry’s YouTube Page — Professionally shot videos from electronic music events in St. Louis.

Nineties DJ Archives – Jim Hopkins’ amazing archive of his own remasters of SF tapes and beyond.

Rave Preservation Project — Flyers from all over the world. The largest collection of US flyers on the web.

Raver Geek — Flyers from all over the US, separated by state / city.

Toronto Rave Mixtape Archive — Mixes from the Toronto rave scene.

HouseYourBody — Great collection of mixes. Many of them from San Francisco, recorded on DATs.

Rave Tapes — An impressive collection of exclusive, high-quality recordings from the Los Angeles area and beyond.

Mixtape Magic – Insane collection of mixtapes hosted on YouTube

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