Josh Wink – Live @ Emotion – 01.21.1995

Notes: “I and some friends were dancing up near the front left and we eyed some random kid lifting up the corner of one of the turntables and pointing to it. He kept lifting until it fell over upside down and fucked up Josh Wink’s set, he(Josh Wink) jumped from behind the turntables and started shaking the kid. As all this was happening another friend emerged from behind the turntables and told us while all this chaos was happening that DJ Onionz records were just stolen. We then went on a mission to try to find the culprit but alas my friend Monroe had already caught the kid trying to walk out the front door with the record bag and retrieved it. DJ Onionz records were saved but Josh Wink was still pretty pissed and shaken up. There is much speculation that the kid who flipped the turntable was working with whoever the kid was who tried to steal Dj Onionz records by creating the ultimate diversion but that’s just speculation at best.”