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Lunar Loveland – 11.18.1994


Notes:  Good party! Robert Armani stole the show with French Kiss, three djs played “Spastik” but only one mixed it right, Matthew Hawtin played the chillout room (major bleed), and the upstairs area was dark creepy mysterious and filled with hedonistic wildness. –Dan Robitaille

Venue: Warehouse of South Grand and Chouteau

2008: A Love Odyssey – 04.23.1994


Venue: Crunden Martin Building (2nd & Chauteau)

Notes: “The main room booth was on a platform built over a old oil tank, about 10 feet over the floor. It wasn’t sturdy enough to keep from swaying a bit, so the decks were suspended from the ceiling. Then had to put a tarp between them and the ceiling cause the bass at sound check was making god knows what rain down on the records. We were idiots wink emoticon”